Every man has dreams. Everyone dreams of being a warrior. This dream can come true.

We at "AIRSOFT BULGARIA" those dreams come true.

Directly visit our forum, where is the freshest news, photos and talking about battles, reviews of weapons and equipment.

Exist as a voluntary organization since 2006., When Airsoft gained real kind in Bulgaria. Development is especially active during 2008., When Bulgarian representative teams participate in various international competitions. We have set up 15 regional teams and held over 10 Bulgarian nationwide war games with our great and foreign participation.

What is airsoft / airsoft / - Active action, developed on the basis of military / police action in a maximum realism. This type of war game is known to the world by several names: Airsoft (Airsoft), Airsoft (Strikeball), Air Soft (Soft Air). It originated as a way of training the special forces of the U.S. and Germany, which eventually developed as a sport hobby worldwide. The aim is to achieve high levels of adrenaline, developed on the basis of the clash in battle and quest for survival in combat. Significant difference from real warfare is that any error here is the penultimate, and repair can be analyzed and commented. So develop and validate reflexes and habits that could save lives in an emergency. It is unique that used identical replicas of real specimens battle rifles, pistols and machine guns. Feels to be fully equipped as a "seal", "Spetsnaz" or British commando is incredibly palpable.

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